Age / Height
28 Yrs / 5.9Ft - 175.26 Cms
Engineer Mechanical, Sr Mechanical Engineer
Current Location
Troy, Michigan, United States
Mukund is a Sr. Mechanical Engineer at a Tier 1 Automotive supplier based in Detroit. His interests include Formula-1, Go-kart racing, Health and Fitness (Weight Training, Crossfit) . He’s a truthful and amiable personality. In terms of what we are looking for in a bride, we are least concerned about her affluence or social status. All we are looking for, is someone who can be as caring, truthful and humble as he is! We are a Tamil and Telugu speaking family, and are open to brides from either backgrounds. We belong to Naidu - Vadugan subcaste (in case it matters to you). We don't have a daughter, and we are excited to welcome one into our family!... View full Profile

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